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Rentrée 2020 – Changement de site

Eclat BFC

A compter de Septembre 2020, le site internet du collège déménage. Il sera maintenant hébergé sur l’ENT (Environnement Numérique de Travail) ECLAT. Vous retrouverez les infos de rentrée à jour et la liste des fournitures scolaires. A la rentrée, des codes de connexion vous seront fournis pour vous connecter à votre espace privé ECLAT en …

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Have you ever met Harry?

Hogwarts express

Some pupils from 6emeAB met Harry in the train just before Halloween. It was just long enough for introductions. Here are the extracts of the conversations: Tony meets Harry: Tony and Harry Hermione meets Harry: Hermione and Harry Ginny meets Harry: Ginny and Harry Congratulations to them!  

My evertoon animation

Pupils in 6AB and 6DE recorded physical presentations using an animation app. They had to describe someone in their class. They sent the video to a classmate and he had to find who it was. Here are some of the productions: My evertoon 2 My evertoon My evertoon 4

My scary story

Here is a scary story written by two pupils from 4°E. Don’t be scared, it was invented!

The evolution of my style

After learning about the evolution of fashion from the 50s to the 90s, the 4°E and 4°BC prepared posters to describe the evolution of their styles. They are happy to present their productions to you:

Let’s go to the restaurant

British food

The 4°E and 4°BC organised a British snack in the school library. After working on the take away food topic, the groups had to create a take-away restaurant : they prepared a menu, reorganised the school library and brought some food. One pupil could act as a waiter while two other pupils were the customers. …

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Happy Halloween

Halloween in Pompidou Last week, all the pupils from 6eme organised a party for Halloween.   Some pupils played a guessing game in the study hall with Mrs Tonnaire.     Some pupils played a bingo in the pupils’ room with Mrs Manin. Some pupils played a quiz on the ipads in the school library …

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